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Selecting the Best PDAs

With plenty of mobile computing choices flooding the market today, it has become quite confusing to make the appropriate choice without spending a lot of time researching. Very few people can actually do it. Mobile solutions normally include a laptop or a portable digital assistant, or PDA. It is easier to select laptops, as you normally know what you want to use it for. But PDA's are a different ballgame altogether. There are various types of PDA's, each having different features. Here we give you a lowdown of the 2 leading PDA's in the market today.

The Palm TX comes from the initiator of portable digital assistants, Palm. They have been in the market for long and have come up with a user-friendly winning package, full of exclusive features. Its first major feature is wireless connectivity and provides both WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces from which you can select. It does not rank in the top 2 just for its mobile features. At the time of purchasing a PDA, it’s vital you consider the pocket PC software that is provided with the device. The Palm TX has a remarkable range of software, such as Palm OS 5.4, an excellent operating system, the capacity to read and edit Microsoft office documents, and VersaMail to fulfill all your emailing requirements. Besides, it has an mp3 player with up to 2 GB of space to store all your songs. It is an excellent PDA to think about when you want to buy one. But it can leave you poorer by nearly $300.

Another PDA is the Dell Axim X51v. Its best feature is the 3.7 inch VGA screen with a resolution of up to 640x480. As a result, the images are sharp and pleasant to view. Besides, this PDA supports all your mobile computing needs with in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces. The Axim has latest PDA software development including Windows mobile 5, with the typical Microsoft look, an mp3 player and new Microsoft Office Mobile Suite, to let you edit Word documents and Power Point presentations. Its battery life is slightly longer and is costlier at nearly $370.

These PDAs can meet all your business and personal needs, starting from designing your mobile workforce solutions, to listening to music.


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